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Da Bac Community-Based Tourism (CBT) is located in Hoa Binh Province, north-west Vietnam — just 3 hours’ drive from Hanoi. The project was created to improve local livelihoods and boost business and tourism opportunities. Da Bac CBT offers homestays, trekking and a range of other activities for tourists. Da Bac CBT is supported by Action on Poverty (AOP). Come and visit Da Bac for an authentic and meaningful holiday experience.

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From trekking to taking it easy in a herbal bath,
Da Bac is the perfect getaway.



What our visitors are saying about Da Bac CBT

This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. The family is so friendly and the food delicious. I will not quickly forget this amazing experience. I hope to come back one day.

Nic - United Kingdom

When I chose Sanh Thuan Homestay, I could not imagine to have had such a so warm reception. A lot of babies with lovely mothers came to meet me....A peaceful and quiet place with farm life, feeding animals, sleeping in a traditional wood house and experience of forgotten life. I traveled alone but I never felt lonely!

Claire Sicard

I have an amazing memory about this village. I met so many nice people and also nice view!

Wooram - South Korea

The homestay is a home away from home. Good food that constantly varies. Friendly welcoming hosts. The accommodation and facilities are comfortable and more than adequate.

Peter - Australia

Oh beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. The scenery is beautiful with the mountains and the lake… We went swimming, we had marvelous food, the food is delicious and it’s all very nice…and people are so welcoming and friendly. I get lovely smiles and welcoming feeling.

Rica Weller - Germany


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