Xuan Lan Homestay

Xuan Lan was the second household in the village of Sung, Cao Son commune, to join the Da Bac CBT project. Before the project offered this new way to make a living, Xuan Lan’s husband and wife team were mainly farmers, raising livestock and growing bodhi trees. Their income was very limited which made the family’s life difficult. Thanks to the support of Da Bac CBT, the family started a homestay as a way to increase their income. To date this family has welcomed more than 20 guests.

Mrs Lan said: “When I visited the other homestays I thought that my family would never be able to run one ourselves because we had neither the experience nor the capital to invest. But with the encouragement of the project and the support of a joint stock company aiding tourism in Da Bac, my family bravely decided to take part. I aim to keep on improving the quality of the service I provide so that more people will come and stay at my family’s homestay in the future”