Trekking is in Da Bac involves walks through forests, mountains and remote minorities village. Journeys vary in terms of distance, difficult and landscapes. There are opportunities to stop at numerous lookouts for stunning views of rivers, mountains and rice fields.

Da Bac is an ideal location for adventurous travellers as a land of mountainous terrain and an abundant vegetation system. There are many villages scattered along the trekking routes, inhabitahed by the Muong, Dao, Tay and Thai ethnic minority groups.

Some of the popular trekking options available at Da Bac include:

1. Multiple day trek: Ké village (Mường minority group) – Biều mountain – Xưng village (Dao minority group) – Đá Bia village (Mường Ao Tá minority group).

This is an extremely scenic route with beautiful landscapes opportunities to experience the life of the ethnic people in Da Bac. Spend time with hospitable local people to learn about their culture and how they live. The trekking route is suitable for participants who are physically fit and have moderate trekking experience as it involved crossing thick rain forests and diverse terrain, which can at times be steep (Spring Ke, Bieu Mountain). This trek nomarlly departs from Ke village and takes 3 or 4 days, with 6-7 hours walking per day.

Visitors wishing to register for this trek can contact our Ke village homestay in Hiền Lương Commune.

2. The day trek from Da Bia to Muc village

This trek is suitable for an average level of fitness and does not required previous trekking experience. The route takes visitors through a village of Muong ethnic people and past scenic mountain landscapes, corn fields and a green bamboo forest.

At the end of the journey there is an opportunity to enjoy a boat cruise on a peaceful and picturesque lake before returning to the homestay. This trek lasts one day and involves 6-7 hours of walking.

Visitors wishing to register for this trek can contact our Da Bia village homestay in Tien Phong Commune.