What it takes to run a CBT?

Community-based tourism, or CBT for short, is the new trend for responsible and inclusive way of traveling.

CBT provides visitors with an experience of local life, in which local communities are directly involved in tourism activities and get socio-economic benefits from tourism activitives and take responsibility of protecting the natural resource, envionment and local culture.

Creating Employment

CBT enterprises generate local job opportunities. CBT can help change the local job struture and improve labour quality in local areas, and reduce outward migration from rural areas to cities.

Generating Income

CBT contributes to increased income for local communities, especially in remote areas where povety is more pronounced. This is critically important as it reduces human pressures on local nature resources and landscape.

Protecting Heritages

CBT contributes to restoring and developing traditional cultural values and crafts, including the protection of natural resources and the environment to create cultural and economic exchanges.

Fostering Equality

CBT promotes equality in tourism development by providing whole communities with benefits from the provision of tourism services and infrastructure regardless of whether they are actively participating in toursim,e.g. better transportation, electricity, improved access to freshwater, telecommunication etc.