A home from home for you travellers. The locals welcome and embrace you as part of their family.


We’d love to introduce physical activities for sport lovers and those who like to challenge themselves.


Da Bac Attractions

Rich in culture and beauty, Da Bac has a lot to offer as long as you’re willing to discover.


Cultural Exploration

Enjoy your discovery of Muong Culture with rich and vivid history embodied in daily activities and special performances.

Why choose Da Bac CBT?

Here some of many reasons why your next trip is here!

  • Magnificent scenery with a beautiful blend of mountains, river and forests.
  • Almost untouched nature with little mass commercial activities.
  • Friendly, honest locals with a tradition of hospitality.
  • A wonderful chance to experience first-hand the enriched culture of Muong people.
  • A wide range of activities, both physical and cultural, that suit everybody.

Rica Weller

“Oh beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. The scenery is beautiful with the mountains and the lake… We went swimming, we had marvelous food, the food is delicious and it’s all very nice…and people are so welcoming and friendly. I get lovely smiles and welcoming feeling.”

Rica Weller / Australia

Community-based tourism is the way. Join us and be part of the CHANGE!


Satisfied Guests

We are proud to provide the heart-warming atmosphere to tourists and travellers with high standard of accommodation and food.


Happy Locals

With your support, local people can have a sustainable income to fight poverty and access better standard of living.


Annual Growth

More and more people, national and international alike, trust our services and and enjoy the spectacular views.


Our Awards

We have met every standard of responsible tourism and received several important awards for this very initiatives.