Crepes…in Da Bac


Is there any Western food in Da Bac? Yes, of course. In Da Bac, at breakfast, you may be served … crepes.

Crepe originated in France, then popularized around the world. The ingredients for making crepes are very simple, including flour, eggs, milk and butter. Crepes are usually eaten for breakfast with cream or fruit.
In Da Bac, many foreign tourists were surprised to see the crepes served. They were more surprised when they were told that the crepes in Da Bac were still made from wheat flour (instead of rice flour as they thought).

The crepe in Da Bac is one of many Western-style dishes to be guided in a cooking training program before Da Bac CBT officially welcomed guests. Crepe in Da Bac, although there are many defects, but with the efforts of the homestay owners, the dish is still praised by many tourists. Indeed, the food will be much better if tasted by love and hospitality.

Come to Da Bac and enjoy the special dishes as well as experience the activities here right away!