Hosted by
Mr Dinh Van Thoi &
Mrs Bui Thi Mong

Da Bia Village,
Tien Phong Commune

Number of beds

100,000 VND



Dinh Thu Homestay

Dinh Thu homestay enjoys views over a lake, which offers lots of activities and is home to a weekly floating market. Visitors can reach Dinh Thu homestay by road or by boat, providing a very scenic and relaxing experience for guests. Dinh Thu homestay can host up to 10 people. Ms. Mong and her son have found it challenging, but very enjoyable to welcome visitors to their homestay. Since the initial launch, Đinh Thu homestay has received many groups of visitors, which has provided a much needed improvement to the family income.

“If things go well, we will expand our homestay and build another toilet and bathroom to accommodate more guests. We also want to grow our own vegetables to be used in the food we serve visitors.” – Mrs Mong

Like many other households in Da Bia village, the Dinh Thu family relies heavily on farming, bamboo planting and occasionally fishing. Ms. Mong used to work on the farm while her husband spent most of his time in the forest planting bamboo and fishing in the lake. However, their income from these activities was not enough to cover their daily living costs.

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