Hosted by
Mr Lo Van Vuong &
Mrs Dinh Thi Nguyen

Da Bia Village,
Tien Phong Commune

Number of beds

100,000 VND

Van Hieu Homestay

Mr. Vuong and his wife are currently living with his parents and two small children. Before renovating the house to welcome tourists, Mr. Vuong and Mrs. Nguyen were eager to participate in the Community-based Tourism Project in the village. They are 2 active members in the service groups: boats, art performances, …  

Although Van Hieu homestay is not a traditional stilt house, they still try to preserve the culture of their ethnic groups: building house according to the Muong Ao Ta stilt house architecture, traditional fireplaces located in the middle of the kitchen next to the main house, using bamboo materials for homestay decoration, creating a cozy, close feeling. 

His family has begun welcoming tourists since November 2018. They have been receiving many positive feedbacks from tourists about comfort, cleanliness and friendly, hospitable people. 

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