Hosted by
Mr Dinh Quy Huu &
Mrs Luong Thi Thao

Ke Village,
Hien Luong Commune

Number of beds

100,000 VND

Huu Thao Homestay

Huu Thao homestay offers guests an impressive view over Hoa Binh Lake with a nice breeze and fresh air.
The house can accommodate up to 12 people. Hữu was initially like ‘a fish out of water’ when welcoming guests and preparing food for them. Like other Da Bac CBT homestay owners, Huu has received hospitality training and now his confidence and skills have improved dramatically as he welcomes guests with open arms.

“In addition, I learnt from each visit to be more confident in hosting and interacting with guests. I hope that the CBT project will become a new and sustainable source of income for not only my family but also the surrounding villagers.” – Mr Huu

The homestay owners Huu and Thao live with their parents and two-year old daughter Tram. Huu and his parents use to work as farmers, earning the majority of their income came from maize, bamboo and fishing. Both Huu and Thao were previously working far from the family home and were forced to spend long periods of time away from their daughter.

Huu’s mother, Ms. Chi, noted that her family and neighbours now have a better understanding about community-based tourism and its potential to improve their living standards. They all support the project as it offers them the chance to learn from one another as well as improve the local environment. Hữu feels proud to be a pioneer of this new model for income generation. He understands that difficulties and challenges await him, but also many opportunities to improve the lives of his family members.

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