Hosted by
Lò Thị Trang


Da Bia Village,
Tien Phong Commune


Number of beds


100,000 VND





Lake View Homestay

This is the fourth homestay at Da Bia Village, owned by Lo Thi Trang. Trang was born in 1994 and lives with her parents. The homestay has a fantastic view over Hoa Binh Lake. Trang began welcoming guests in January 2018.

Trang and her mother, Ms Dinh Thi Yeu, are active members of the CBT project in Da Bia Village. After a period of time working as the project coordinator and attending many training sessions, Trang and her family bravely opened a homestay for themselves. The young owner is proud of her hometown’s history, culture and landscape. She wants to preserve and promote their cultural identity and contribute more to the development of sustainable tourism in the area.

”When welcoming tourists to my house, I can talk to many people from all over the world and learn more about many different cultures. I feel more confident. The income from CBT has greatly improved the lives of my family.” – Ms Trang

Ms Trang’s goal is to continue improving her language and hospitality skills. She hopes to be able to communicate fluently in English with international guests. She hopes more and more visitors will come and experience Muong Ao Ta culture at Lake View Homestay!

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