Hosted by
Mr Dinh Van Ngoc &
Mrs Bui Thi Nhem


Da Bia Village,
Tien Phong Commune


Number of beds


100,000 VND





Ngoc Nhem Homestay

The young owners of this homestay live with their parents and two children. Nhem was a member of a local caged fish farming initiative that supports the local community. She was particularly interested in tourism and when the community-based tourism project was in the planning stages Nhem was eager to be involved.

“My family’s life has been significantly improved due to CBT. In the past we sometimes had to borrow rice for meals from relatives or neighbours. Welcoming guests to our homestay, has improved our food preparation, accommodation service and also our bookkeeping skills.” – Mrs Nhem

The young couple have plans to improve their English speaking skills so that they can communicate more with foreign guests and participate in cultural exchange. They hope that with increasing numbers of tourists coming to Da Bac that their incomes will increase and they will be able to provide a better quality of life for their two children.

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