Hosted by
Mr Dang Van Nhat &
Mrs Trieu Thi Quy

Sung Village,
Cao Son Commune

Number of beds

100,000 VND



Nhat Quy Homestay

Nhat Quy Homestay is owned by Mr Dang Van Nhat and his wife Mrs Trieu Thi Quy. They have three children and are farmers. They think that Da Bac is the perfect location to learn about ethnic cultures in Vietnam. They love their homestay and the beautiful view it offers.

“Having the guests, seeing them, knowing them, makes our family happy. Although we don’t travel, we are still able to welcome visitors to this remote area. There are people that come to visit us, although we don’t speak English. We cherish these moments.” – Mrs Quy

Even though there is a language barrier with overseas guests, Mr Nhất loves it when they come to try and communicate with him in the kitchen. The couple are pro-active members of the community-based tourism project, taking part in the capacity building sessions that it offers. They look forward to joining more training sessions and constantly improving their level of service quality.

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