Planning your trip to Da Bac



As in most of Northern Vietnam, Da Bac has a distinct winter and summer season. The cool but mostly dry winter lasts from November to March, with the average temperatures ranging from 17 to 22°C. This is the best time to visit Da Bac if you want to experience trekking and hiking. During the colder months, the temperature can drop to below 10°C.

Summer lasts from April to November when it is hot and humid and the region experiences its highest rainfall. July to September are often the wettest months of the year, so we suggest that you don’t trek during this period. However, if you want to go sightseeing, swimming or kayaking, this time is ideal as the region is covered by the green cornfields and the lake and brooks are filled up with fresh water.

Packing Tips

Please bring casual clothes, a hat and comfortable shoes/sandals on your trip. If it is winter, don’t forget to prepare some warm clothes as it can get quite cold. Mosquito and insect repellent may be useful, especially during the humid period.

You may also like to bring a good pair of shoes for trekking/hiking and swimwear for kayaking/swimming in the lake.