Hosted by
Mr Lò Văn Thích &
Mrs Đinh Thị Nhiệu

Da Bia Village,
Tiền Phong Commune

Number of beds

100,000 VND



Quang Thọ Homestay

Quang Thọ homestay is owned by Mr Lò Văn Thích and Mrs Đinh Thị Nhiệu. Mrs Nhiệu is also the leader of the local art team.Like many other households in Da Bia village, the Quang Thọ family relies heavily on farming, bamboo planting and occasionally fishing.

“After join the art team of Da Bia hamlet, I began to discover the benefits of the Community-based Tourism Project, it not only saves and promotes the traditional Muong Culture, but it also helps villagers develop the local economy.” – Mrs Nhiệu

Visitors can reach Quang Thọ Homestay by road or by boat. The way their village is very scenic and a relaxing experience for guests. Quang Tho Homestay began welcoming guests in January 2016 and can host up to ten people. Staying with Mrs Nhiệu gives you an opportunity to learn more about Muong culture and music.

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