Hosted by
Mr Ly Van Thu &
Mrs Ly Thi Toan

Sung Village,
Cao Son Commune

Number of beds

100,000 VND



Thanh Chung Homestay

Thanh Chung Homestay is owned by Mr Ly Van Thu and Mrs Ly Thi Toan. They live here with their three children. The couple love living in Sung Village because of its untouched beauty. They are excited to invite guests to their home so visitors can experience and learn more about the Dao Tien culture.

“I hope that in the future more and more visitors and tourists will come to my homestay, so I can build more rooms and buy more beds for them.” – Mr Thu

Being a part of the community-based tourism project is important to the couple, and they have benefited from the service training and the interest-free loans that the project has provided for them. They look forward to hosting more visitors, sharing a pot of shan tea and making sure guests feel at home.

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